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On this page, we share our thoughts and comments on current issues in the health, care and social business market place, including any general learning from our work, when we think that might be useful. We also include links to any articles or blogs we have been involved with.


April 2020


Metamorphosis has been said to be a dynamic principle of creation, vital to the natural process of generation and evolution, growth and decay! We often think structures that we put up will last for ever but quite often this is not correct. We see buildings change and adapt before becoming obsolete, demolished and a new building going back up when needs change. The same is true of companies or other corporate structures that organisations use to deliver their services. These business structures can change, they can adapt, they can be dissolved and new organisations created.  These metamorphoses are going on all the time in the community as organisations adapt  to changing finances or to community needs, or the desire amongst organisations to work more closely together or dealing with the consequences of winning or losing contracts. 

Over the last few months, we have supported a client begin the process of dissolving a charitable company that was no longer able to access the necessary funding to continue its good works. But, in another case, we have supported and drafted the application to the Charity Commission for a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation as a client looks to support capacity building for its local community to improve health in its area.  We have helped redraft a Community Interest Company's Articles of Association to enable it to be owned and managed in a different way, to support better voluntary organisations in its locality to improve the local care and health agenda. Finally, we have been supporting a Community Interest Company that has won a new contract to provide community health care and needed to enter into business transfer agreements with those companies whose staff and assets were transferring to it to start performing the services from April 1st, 2020. 

Despite the impact of the Corona virus and the difficult financial pressures, healthcare organisations, social businesses and charities are continuing to adapt and flex and re-engineer themselves so that they are in best position to support their clients, residents and patients over the coming year. 

December 2019

Chris is a member of the "Communities of Integration Network" or "COIN". This is a  network of health and care practitioners and academics supported by the three Royal College of GP Faculties in London. The purpose of COIN is to advance the understanding and implementation of community-orientated integration care. COIN works with the online publication "Health Matters" to publish blogs that stimulate good community orientated integration care practice nationally and internationally. 
Please see a recent blog by Chris on the role of Community Interest Companies under the NHS Long Term Plan by clicking on the link below: