Are you  a law firm? No, we are not and Resolving Together is not regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority. We are a consultancy providing services based on our legal and commercial experience.

Are you personally registered with the Law Society? Yes, we are both registered with the Law Society and Chris maintains his practising certificate.

Do you have insurance? Yes, we do.  We have professional indemnity insurance of £250,000 per claim and have public liability cover of £2 million per claim.  If you have a high risk/high value transaction you wish to discuss with us, we would be happy to increase our insurance levels as necessary. 

Do you work with law firms?  Yes we do!  And it works both ways. We will refer work to them where it is appropriate and they will refer work to us where we have the expertise.  For example, a law firm recently referred charity and third sector related work. 

What if I need your help with specialist tax, employment or property matters? Not a problem at all! We will often refer that type of work to law firms that we know well and who have legal teams which specialise in those areas.  We can make the introduction and manage the relationship on an operational basis if that is required.

Are you VAT registered?  Yes we are - our VAT number is 294316096. 

Do you have a contract with your clients? Yes we do. When you confirm your instructions, we will send you our standard Ts and Cs.  If you need any further information, please contact us: /our-team.

Why are you called Resolving Together? Where to start...but at the beginning! We spent time with clients discussing what we did and the value we added and they reflected back that we solve problems.... Resolving Together was born.

Do you have a privacy policy? Yes we do, this is it: /privacy-policy.

Anything else I need to know??? Plenty! But let's keep it for when we meet...until then, perhaps you should know that Chris supports Leeds United, is obsessed with finding the best coffee/hot chocolate in town, and thinks that a packet of crisps contributes to 1 of his 5 a day.  Cendrine will join Chris on his quest for the best hot chocolate and her aim is to teach Chris French....any French! They are both the sole founders and only members of Resolving Together's Entente Cordiale.