Our work...
includes advising on commercial and corporate matters, including contracts, governance, regulatory, collaboration, joint ventures and corporate structures. For example....

We help with your contractual matters  
  - Drafting:  we prepare or review your drafting to ensure it best meets your needs
Disputes:  we help resolve your disputes to ensure that you suffer no detriment
Data:  we advise on data issues and on the GDPR to ensure that your contracts protect you as much as possible
Intellectual Property:  we advise on IP matters including patents and copyright
NHS contracting:  we have experience of standard form NHS community and primary care contracting

We advise on joint working

Collaborative Working with other organisations: from documenting your initial thoughts to finalising the legal documentation: we advise on memorandum and articles of association, joint ventures, alliance agreements, lead provider contracts and supply chains
 - Acquisitions: we advise on acquisitions of other private sector businesses; for example, we have advised on the acquisition of well-being businesses which go well with core NHS work 

We advise on your corporate structure and governance

- Corporate Group: we ensure that your group structure allows you to deliver your business and charitable plans; we help you set up subsidiaries where necessary

 - Corporate Governance: we advise on your governance and constitution to make sure it best suits your organisation and its values  

 - Policies and Procedures: we review your policies and procedures to make sure they are relevant and up-to-date

We help with your procurement processes

- We advise on procurement processes, and your tender responses, including developing your legal commentary, supporting you on presentations and contract review meetings with CCGs